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  1. Tips on valve seal replacement

    Titan General Discussion
    I don't recall the model number of the anti seize that I used, but have changed them twice, so far, (without any issues). Probably best to use the #81343 , [and I likely will next time].
  2. steering shake

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    A bad U joint on the front drive shaft can cause steering wheel shake. Mine was worse at 50 to 60 mph.
  3. E-Lock locked in 2WD, 4HI & 4LO

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    See posts 162-164.
  4. 3" lift spacer+ 5100

    Titan Suspension
    Or search amazon or e-bay for 19-1318-BL
  5. Rim Opinions/Advice

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    +18 mm offset on a 9" width rim will stick the outside out about 3/4" more than a stock 8" width rim, and about 1/4" in more than the stock 8s. [Stock 8s stick out about 2/5" more than the 17 x 7.5" offroad rims, which actually have a 30 mm offset, 5.45" backspacing]. A +12 mm on a 9" give the...
  6. Holy Shi* Uprev is insane!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    When I change from stock exhaust manifolds, to JBA shorties, (plus OEM cats welded on) ... 1) Do I need Uprev in place beforehand? Or at all with shorties? 2) Any advantage to having Uprev on a stock 2004 4x4? 3) Since I have a 4x4, the rear cats... are they part of the JBA catback, or do I...
  7. Hello Titan Owners! NEED HELP . Catalytic Converters

    Titan General Discussion
    Thanks! ... I was considering those if/when mine crack again.
  8. What size tire will fit?

    Titan Suspension
    On stock rims, I think you could go with a 34, like the 34.3" x 11.6", Toyo A/T II in a LT295/70R18. Or at least the BFG A/T KO in a 33.7" x 11.8" LT305/65R18. The 325/60R18 aren't much taller than your current tires, much wider though. They will be stiffer, but the Passenger tires aren't...
  9. what should i expect to pay

    Titan General Discussion
    At least 2 hours for the front suspension, unless the RC is the one with the UCAs, then 2.5 hours. 2.5 hours for the rear suspension. Around $80 to $100 for the mount and balance. Then another hour for the pads, without turning rotors. So 6 hours x $90/hr. is $540 ... So $650 total. But you...
  10. Hello Titan Owners! NEED HELP . Catalytic Converters

    Titan General Discussion
    Think that the only CARB certified headers are the JBA shorties, and they require the OEM cats to be welded onto them. :( The only legal, non OEM option is the Magnaflow exhaust manifold/cat, which are also CARB certified. They run around $850-$900 per side. p/n 445500 and 445501 edit ... see...
  11. POS Radflo's are off the truck

    Titan Suspension
    My rear Radflos were making a knocking noise, and when I turned them by hand they'd hit the lower mounts. It was suggested by someone to add rubber or nylon washers. I tried a few things to avoid having to unbolt them ... like garden hose washers cut through so they'd slip over the mounting...
  12. Have you had issues with replacing your sway bar bushings and seen this

    Titan Suspension
    Use a breaker bar. I had to even when I used new stock bushings.
  13. Question About Aux Input

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I use the Boostaroo Car/Motorcycle Aux Audio Preamplifier and it makes a major improvement to the volume. They also sell battery and USB powered versions. [At some point during the first few years of production, Nissan increased the gain of the AUX input jack, so these or similar products...
  14. Transfer case oil, double checking. I

    Detailing & Truck Care
    Nissan specs Matic D for the transfer case, so Valvoline import full synthetic ATF fluid sounds fine for the transfer case.
  15. Widest rim with 6 inch lift

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    You will definitely need the PWM if it's a stage 1 lift. Those rims have a backspacing of about 4.5". I have a friend with an '05 4x4 and a stage 1 Procomp lift, and 9" rims with 4.5" backspacing, (so they stick out an inch less than yours). With the old style BFG M/T in a 35x12.5, he needed...
  16. 37/13.50/17 on factory off-road 17 inch rims

    Titan General Discussion
    The minimum rim width that Toyo spec's for the 37x13.5R17LT is 8.5" and the '04-'07 Offroad pkg. 7 spoke rims are 7.5" width, [measured 8.5", but Toyo means 9.5" measured]. Their website's spec-sheet states 14.6" sidewall width on a 11.5" rim, which would be somewhere around 13" on the OR rims...
  17. At what mileage did your OEM exhaust maniffolds crack?

    Titan General Discussion
    Both were covered by the Nissan Extended Warranty at 93K miles.
  18. 325-60-18 vs 285-65-18

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Cooper's website states that the 285s are 11.63" wide at the sidewall, and since an 8.5" rim measures 9.5", the sidewalls will stick out about 1" past the inside and outside edges of the rims. Those rims look like they have a small backspacing and stick out fairly far, so looks like the tires...
  19. Offset Question (Newbie)

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    If they're a 9" width rim, (10" with a tape measure), a +18mm offset sticks them out about 3/4" more than the OEM 18's and 20's. The 9" +18mm, will also stick in about 1/4" more.
  20. cracking noise

    Titan General Discussion
    The one above the cross member. There are also two motor mounts more to the front. Before I got my traction bars, I had the tranny mount replaced and the new one cracked in less than 20K miles. A common issue on the 4x4s, even when non-lifted. Since Greg installed his street traction bars on...
1-20 of 493 Results