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  1. Leaf Spring Shackle FAILURE - Shot thru bed and liner

    Titan Suspension
    My 05 only has 45k on it,,,so you could say I treat her real careful like, but this didn't prevent the drivers side shackle from busting the other day and popping up and bulging the bed. Of course I was all kinds of xcited thinking I had hit a manhole cover or something...that freaking metal...
  2. Rims and tires

    Got any pics of the rims ?....How far away are you from Pittsburgh ?
  3. Diff Lock light comes on

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    My 05 CC did this same thing...the dealer came out to my house picked up the truck...replaced the whole rear axle...and brought it back all shiny and new...haven't had any more issues but I'm keeping my fingers crossed....
  4. FS: Pac-Jack Steering Wheel Remote

    Well..the install on this PAC steering wheel control is kinda tricky...I am fairly sure I got it hooked up correctly..just haven't figured out how to program it correctly yet...mine came with a pack of resistors and you have to connect a 150 resistor to the green wire and a 47 resistor to the...
  5. Anyone have bed cover?

    Titan General Discussion
    I have the "Undercover" and it is really nice. It is basically a hard black plastic cover that is really strong but also lightweight. It can be removed in a few moments and even comes with hooks for when you take it off..(you can hang it on your garage wall. Can't post urls yet but this with...
  6. Here's # of Rear Diff Failures Reported

    Titan General Discussion
    I have a 2005 CC with Big Tow & Offroad package...My mileage was at like 16k and the rear diff light started flickering on longer trips...I took it to the dealer and they couldn't recreate the problem so I took it did it again and I went back..The dealer decided that they knew what the...
  7. Calling all bass fishermen

    Hunting / Fishing
    Hey Bassn8tor, I have a V175 G3 as's a 2004 with the Yamaha 115 fourstroke...what a gas miser...anyway that is the whole reason I got my Titan...I had a Ford Escape at the time and when I went to pick up my new boat I thought I was gonna blow that poor little Ford up..practically...
  8. Military Titan Talk Members

    Off-Topic Discussion
    USMC 1993-1996 E4 CPl...MOS 0311 Grunts..1st BN 2nd Marines Camp Lejeune NC... 1996-97 Enlisted Instructor The Basic School, Quantico VA
  9. Scosche mounting location?

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Thanks t22a80... I saw the pic here but it didn't make any mention of mounting it.
  10. Scosche mounting location?

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Hey guy here,,been lurking & reading for awhile but now I have a ?... I'm going to hook up a single 10" in box with amp to the Non RF stock 6 disk HU. I'm pretty sure I follow the process of using the 2 wire harnesses to tap into the factory wires without cutting / tapping but I'm...
1-10 of 10 Results