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  1. Is this previous owner here? 04 Canteen Green

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    So other than the obvious blown front tire and a minor amount of scratches is there anything major wrong with the truck (odd color too).
  2. Should I buy a Titan?

    Titan General Discussion
    I bought my Titan with no intention of pulling anything, then behold I am one day pulling a boat, as the others have said it was a breeze no problem at all and I don't have the HD, but standard 2017 Titan, that and it is super comfortable as well.
  3. stalling when pressing gas. Hard to start. wont rev over 3000 rpms

    Titan General Discussion
    I could think of a few things I would look at, one would be the air system is anything obstructing flow. I had an engine starved of air and had to drive to work at 30mph as that was as fast as it would go. Turns out something was sucked into the inlet and cut air flow by 90%. Other thought would...
  4. Hard to start

    2016 Titan General Forum
    There is a current recall on Titans for the Wire Harness. As the others have said can't hurt to have the dealer take a look at this. They did with mine and did not find any issues.
  5. Best place to post stolen Titan ?

    Titan General Discussion
    I would be looking at the shop where your truck was fixed seems like a coincidence that it happened right after you had all the work done. And agree that it was most likely a Tow truck involved. So put the 2 together find out who tows for the company that worked on your truck. Also (and I...
1-5 of 5 Results