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SE Heavy Metal Chrome, FFV
Bought my titan new in 2009 just after my youngest son was born. I traded in an 03 hemi ram 1500 quad cab off road and an 02 durango slt with a 5.9L for it. SOMETIMES i miss the durango (mostly when my wife's suburban falls apart) but my HME titan runs circles around that ram. At about 1300 miles, the truck became an oilfield ride (I.E Rig rocket). It hasn't retired since. I lived in this truck for weeks at a time flowtesting and pumping. it has taken everything that all 3 seasons (Mud, Snow, and Dust) in the Colorado rockies can throw at it and just keeps plowing along. Currently, I use it every day to shuttle to and from my rig, and weekly run I-70 over the continental divide twice. The short bed and soft rear suspension (I carry 2 toolboxes over 800lbs, and a 34 gallon diesel transfer tank in the back at almost all times) were problematic, but a hitch cargo rack, and a little beef in the back took care of that. My average daily commute is somewhere around 60 miles, and some 3k-feet change in elevation... one way. at 100k miles, the truck is still a go-getter. in 2012, a water truck came over into my lane on the interstate and SHREDDED the passenger side of my truck. Finally, in april of 2014, I am ready to start with the mods. Upcoming add-ons: a deer plow bumper with remote winch (protect that investment!), a headache rack, Dana 60 rear (full float), F9 Style front diff, Regear, True dual exhaust w/ Ceramic JBA LTs Catted Bs dumped out of 2 Thrush Mad-Hots, fiberglass dual cowl induction hood, fully custom interior, Uprev, custom CAI, and debating some TB/IM work. The bottom line for my Titan, is that its my money maker. I'm building it for work, and performance, not for show. With this truck, i'm starting from a good platform.
2009 Nissan Titan (Smoke)


Just the basics: K&N air filter. Air box Mod. Gold -plated battery terminals with integral auxillary leads that direct-feed the inverter and CB. Custom painted engine cover, air pipe, and filter box.
I used hammered steel color plastic and vinyl paint to 2 tone my entire dash the first time i disassembled it fully to install my gadgets. the effect is really cool, with a silver and black dashboard. I relocated the tow/haul button to the far left, and used 2 of the switch blanks. One for my audio splitter/hands-free mic. The other for the toggle for my 750watt power inverter which is mounted under the passenger seat. This splits to a multi-plug, and the charger for my laptop. The multi-plug with 7 outlets and 2 USBs is mounted on the backside of the front center console, and has power leads to my gas-sniffer charger, 2-way handset radio charger, and 2 micro USB's built into the second console i mounted under the rear seat in the middle. Under the back driver's side seat, I have installed a set of drawers (formerly an index card filing cabinet) where I keep pressure gauges, jumper leads, a tank strap, my color kut, and various marking implements. The passenger side rear seat currently houses a box of rags and glass cleaner, and my spare hard-hat. Eventually, this space will be occupied by a 10" subwoofer. The fold out cupholders in front have been removed, and the cubby used for a 4-way 12v power station with individual toggles. Under the plastic of the front P-side B-pillar cover lurks a 2 phase cell signal booster, and the interior antenna is mounted on the front of the center console/front seat back under the upholstery (THAT was a pain to get to), and the outside antenna emerges from the third brake-light. My dashboard has undergone some five or six different configurations. The cord exposure is very minimal, most everything is routed or hidden with the charging cords for my devices having bare minimum of slack from out of the dash to the device. Controller for the warning strobes mounted just in front of the CB. I've used the cool contours of the floor and 26 rubber floormats to completely cover the carpeting. Due to my 4YO poking holes in my console vinyl with a dashboard screw while 'helping' me with it, I cut and stuck black diamond-plate pattern rubber mats on the center console.. actually looks pretty good.
Various nicks and dings, including the standard 'rocky mountain pin-striping' (Driving through brush),but you have to look hard to find them. On my 6th windshield..big shock. and of course, the inevitable..'I opened my tailgate with my hitch on the bumper' mod to the tailgate. better built silver diamond plate t-door toolbox containing an auxiliary battery (Interstate deep cycle)for the work lights and fuel pump. Hand-made aluminum semi-air tight filtered box with an air lift compressor mounted inside. with a solar-charger wired to the battery that is mounted between the doors, and also serves as the mounting point for my 5' CB whip antenna. Hand-made (by me) aluminum panels for toggles, fuse-box, voltmeter, and isolater switch for the second battery, which is now plumbed into the alternator. Panel also has 2 12V outlets on the passenger side of the toolbox. Same make and finish 34 gallon transfer tank, with a GPI 12v fuel pump (hose and nozzle of course) with in-line filter. Black chest toolbox mounted by the tailgate with a 20lb fire extinguisher mounted on top. This is my 'truck box' where i keep my jack, 4-way, tow chain, tire chains, hitches, etc. All lock of course, but my crowning achievement here is that i drilled nothing to mount. The main toolbox is on J hooks, the tank is mounted with turnbuckles to the factory bed tie-downs, and the truck box is secured with hook and eye turnbuckles ran through the rear factory bed drain-holes and tightened against 2" washers under the bed. Alternator leads for aux battery are 8ga and on plugs, tank and backing/worklights remote on 4-flat plug, 1/4" air line for bags on quick connect. if i need the bed space, it takes me less than 20 mins to remove all both boxes and the tank (with help, those are HEAVY) and maybe 10 minutes more to re-install them. Seriously, all my body and bumper mods are upcoming. Mounted a pair of LED amber warning strobes and, a pair of 3" and one 2" driving lights, and a dual-pvc air horn behind the grille. 2 17" white LED strips on top of the grille that shine through the gap at the front of the hood..AKA my 'alien lights' plumbed into my parking lights. 4" red LED strips in top corners of the back window plumbed into the turn signals. 4" work lights toggle operated in bed, and relayed from reverse lights. HP-3 LED LP lights. Skid plate painted to match calipers. Small panels under headlights backlit. Custom lower grille (originally, the main grille for a '90 Chrysler 5th avenue) w/LED turn signals and amber running lights. Front bumper modded for better clearance and lighter weight.
MP3 mounted to right of stereo with power. Phone holder in center cubby of dash top with power and wired hands-free. Ipod mounted on left side of stereo with power and plug. GPS mounted with power on dash vent behind column shifter with power. CB mounted at extreme left of dash top with mic holder inside driver's side B-pillar handle. Factory aux audio is split 4 ways behind the dash, leaving the original aux-in plug free and functional in its factory place. Air horn button on steering column under turn signal lever,
Wheel and Tire
Nitto Terra Grapplers, 295/70/18. Rims? Are you kidding me? I have the Heavy Metal Chrome package.. the factory rims are awesome...especially with my painted OEM calipers



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