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Monstaliner - Med Quartz Gray (it's bedlined)
SE Crew Cab 4x4
I'd always wanted a Full Size Crew Cab, and was always kind of drawn to the Titans. In the spring of 2013, I wasn't really in the market, but randomly I was checking craigslist (as I like to do occasionally) and a guy had just posted it for about 4 grand less than what it would bring. I immediately called the number to see if it was a scam.. 35 minutes later I was at the guys house test driving it.. and about a day after that, I was driving it home. In between when I saw it online/called, and when I got to his house, the guy said he had about 30 phone calls in that 35 minute window. He told me I had dibs since I was first:D It had ~90K on it and other than a few dings, it was in great shape.

I've put about 25K on it and plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. I'm slowly doing small mods and upgrades to it, but in the end, I won't be doing a ton of over the top stuff, because: A.) I'm too old for that B.) I go for simple practicality over complicated bedazzle that I'll never need, and C.) linking my personal value to a vehicle isn't something that I feel the need to do.

Love: the power, the room, and the classic/simple styling.
2004 Nissan Titan (Monstaliner - Med Quartz Gray (it's bedlined))


Cold Air Intake
Black Weather Tech floor mats
Bedlined whole truck (check out thread here:
- Monstaliner - Medium Quartz Gray (body) and Pyroclastic
(inside bed & trim).
- Blacked out chrome with Rustoleum Bedlinder in a
Rattle Can
- De-badged and reallocated the "V8 Titan" logo to the
tailgate, dropping the "V8," and spacing it across the
width of the TG.
- I Built a custom speaker/amp box for under the rear seat..
- and I made a custom mount for my iPad mini (that got
stolen.. so i really don't need it anymore) that mounts to
the seat frame.
Wheel and Tire
Current Set Up
- stock 18's with Plastidip (Anthracite Gray) coating.

- stock Light AT ~31's (eventually going to a 33-34"
aggressive AT tire)



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