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06footy enjoys perving

  1. College - Tips, tricks, advice?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Hey, New college student here. First in my family, so this all new to me. Anyone have any good advice about studying, classes, etc etc? Don't really have anything specific, just something in general to help manage time better, relieve stress, etc... Thanks :ooo
  2. Favorite pickup lines used on women!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    So guys let's hear your best pickup lines. It can be generic or unique. Just something you have used or will be using the next possible chance you get. Let's hear them.....:teeth: Mine..... "So which one of you ladies wants to receive a child support payment from me in the near future"
  3. Do you like my avatars butt!!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    So with all the seriousness of the political threads putting a major damper on the fun around here. Im going to ask one simple question. Do you like my avatars butt ??