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  1. Genuine nissan titan 2005 door panels (4)

    Front driver, front rear, passenger right, rear back door panels. $130 each, 2 for $270 or all 4 for $540. Will ship. Eastern shore md
  2. STRANDED in MEXICO: Computer / Electrical / Accelerator Prob?

    Titan General Discussion
    I'm stranded in Mexico with my 2005 Titan. While driving up a hill on a Mexican highway, my Titan suddenly lost power. The engine runs, but it does not accelerate or rev up. I had a couple of local mechanics look at it. After suggesting a problem with the fuel pump or transmission, the...
  3. 2005 Titan Thermostat Location

    Titan General Discussion
    Good morning all, does anyone know where the Thermostat is located?
  4. Service Manual?????

    Titan FAQ & How to Area
    Hey Ya'll New to titan talk and this is my first post. i have the link for the 05 Service Manual. LINK REMOVED dont know how long it will last but hope at least some of yall can use it.