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  1. F/S:: 08 Titan SE tires

    just got bigger nitto's on my titan with my lift this weekend. have the stock tires for sale. Goodyear Wranglers 265/70-18 have less than 19,000 miles on them, and have NEVER been off the pavement, been offroad, or other associated jackassery. im located in manassas, virginia. zip 20109...
  2. 4.5" or 5.71" backspace with 18x9" wheel?

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have a 6" procomp lift that I want to put 35x12.5 tires under on 9" XD Addict wheels. I am not able to pre-fit the wheels because I live in the middle of nowhere so I need your help. The 4.5" wheel has a -12 offset and the 5.71" wheel has 18mm of offset. This is a 2008 Titan. Has anyone...
  3. 2009 NY truck pulls! video!!!

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Well i posted a clip of last years pull ( i took 4th place) and i promised another vid of this years pull. Last year i pulled in high range and that didnt really work. This year i went low range but yet another learning curve was hit. I should have shifted to second way sooner but hey im...