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  1. Titan Reverse Lights Out?

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hey everyone, Brand new to the forum, so I apologize in advance if this has been asked elsewhere on here; I might have just missed it. I bought an 09 Titan SE recently, and I LOVE the thing. Couple days ago, though, I noticed that my reverse lights went out. Not thinking too much about it, I...
  2. Pics from SEMA 2009

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    I had a blast! I wish I could have seen more Titans there, I only saw 3 and a few frontiers...lets try and get ours there next year guys. Here is a few shots of the Titans and Frontiers I saw.
  3. 2009 NY truck pulls! video!!!

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Well i posted a clip of last years pull ( i took 4th place) and i promised another vid of this years pull. Last year i pulled in high range and that didnt really work. This year i went low range but yet another learning curve was hit. I should have shifted to second way sooner but hey im...
  4. who's seen 2009 texas/heavy medal edition?

    Titan General Discussion
    anyone seen an actual 2009 texas or heavy medal edition on the lots? if so, any pics? I know they just have some extra chrome features, but I'd still like to see one. particularly an LE w/ the chrome wheels. I think it would look pretty sharp.