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  1. Thinking outside the box.

    Thinking outside the box.

    Looking at replacing both front and rear bumpers with after market bumpers painted to match truck and a 3-6 inch lift.
  2. stock steal 17in rims and tires 150 w/o shipping

    these wheels are like 75% tred 245 75 r17 located in folsom ca. if close come pick them up
  3. wtt 04 king cab for 4x4

    i have a 2004 king cab with lots of extras wanting to trade for a titan 4x4 even if its bone stock.. i put quite a bit of money into my ride and hate to part ways with it but i want a 4wd titan everything on my ride goes with the trade.. i have 110k miles on my titan clear title in hand jus...
  4. Rock Crawling in Logandale,NV

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Playing around in Logandale Trails NV. YouTube - farrellbigred1's Channel
  5. 4x4 Tight Turn Problem

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    I just moved up to Reno from Las Vegas so my 4 wheel drive has seen very little action, but now I've been engaging it for the snow up here. I noticed that when I make a tight turn (not fully cranked) in either drive or reverse, it almost feels as if the brakes are coming on because I have to...
  6. Looking for a 4x4... help

    Hello titan brothers. Right now im driving an 04 LE crew cab, but its only 4x2. I am looking to upgrade to a 4x4 and to get into some offroading, so I need some help. 1. Anyone have anything for sale, I can't spend more than $20,000. 2. How much of a pain in the *** is it to convert to 4wd?
  7. 4x4...anyone else have this problem?

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    first post! My 4x4 works fine until i turn the wheel all the way left or right. the truck will tighten up like your putting the brakes on and then start chirping and skipping the wheels. i dont think this is normal and did not see anyone else post something about it. any info would be a great...
  8. First Time Off-Road In New Titan...

    Titan General Discussion
    I have a simple/dumb question for you guys. I am planning on taking my Titan Off-Roading around the Flagstaff, AZ area in the first week of January. I have a 2006 SE KC, big tow, and 4x4. My question is, when should I engage 4 wheel drive? There's gonna be snow up there, and I'm not sure when I...
  9. Anyone in the KC/Springfield Area

    Mid West Forum
    I have been looking for a good off road park to play in... Does anyone in the area know of good spots? I have just read about this place - http : //w w w . s m o r r . n e t / - Feedback? :cheers:
  10. How do I tell if I have a 3.3 or 2.

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    I have a 2004 Titan 4x4 Crew Cab LE truck. I want to buy a travel trailer (which is why I bought the truck). The users manual indicates that I can pull up to 9200 lbs. But when I talked to a RV retailer, they asked me whether my truck has the 2.94 or 3.36 axle ratio. They said if I had the...