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  1. Buy/Sell
    Brand new pair of Bilstein 5100 adjustable struts for Nissan Titan. Never installed on my truck before I sold it. Never even taken out of the box. Asking $150 OBO Preferably local pickup/Meetup in San Antonio, TX Area
    $150 USD
  2. Appearance & Body
    I just bought a 2020 pro 4x. I love it, but noticed a severe lack of aftermarket support. i am looking to level the truck using bilstein 6100. It will be a daily driver far more than an off road truck, so i don't want to go with something like a fox or icon. I know the 5100 will level the...
  3. Titan Suspension
    Total Auto Performance - Las Vegas, NV 702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166 TAP Auto Parts is TitanTalk's top source for replacement shocks including the popular Bilstein 5100 & 5125 offroad shocks. We have stocked up on all models to better supply the forum members. Orders are now shipping...
  4. Titan Suspension
    Well it's been a long time since I was in the Titan modding game, and I still want to keep my new truck somewhat stock-like. I have some left over parts from my '04 that I've been meaning to put on the '09. Namely a set of PRG's street traction bars and some Total Chaos upper control arms. I...
  5. Titan Suspension
    called bils they told me what places did not order more for the new shipment and they told me two stores: Called I ordered two #BE5-D185-H0 FRONT Shocks, He has 4 more fronts left and 2 rears! I paid $227.00 after tax w/ free shipping. He said I should get them...
1-5 of 5 Results