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  1. Abs/ slip light/ chattering and random rear wheel brake locks

    Community Help
    Every drive I take my 2009 Nissan Titan will jolt and around 5-20 seconds later the slip and abs light go on making it so I can’t go into 4 wheel drive. I thought I would be fine but now I’m guessing the abs, brakes the rear wheels for a second making me slide a little every time. Please help
  2. ABS, slip & tire air pressure sensor fix.

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    How hard is it to replace the tire pressure, slip and abs censors? I'm having a few minor issues with sensors my '08 Titan 4x4. It starting when the air pressure warning light flashed a few times and has been on solid ever since. The air pressure is fine and the book says if it stays solid it's...