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  1. A/C Recharge Question

    Titan General Discussion
    Hey all. I searched but couldn't answer my question(s). My '05 LE (55k miles) with manual climate controls hasn't blown super cold last couple years. I figured that it could use a check and recharge. At any rate, I picked up an 18oz can of R134 with a hose and gauge. Connected to the LP...
  2. Heater Vents don't open

    Titan General Discussion
    '04 Titan. Just recently had a -30deg cold spell. Once it started to warm up I heard a really load pop come from the vents when I would turn the truck on for about 2 days. Ever since then the heater vents do not seem to produce much air even though the blower seems to be operating at full...
  3. Question to those with A/C drain leaks into passenger floor

    Titan General Discussion
    I've got this issue. I'm in the process of trying to fix it myself. Got the TSB printed. In case you don't know what I'm talking about - see here: Water Leak - Passenger Floor A/C Drain Repair Questions Anyway, my question is this: How exactly does this fix the problem? I don't doubt that...