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  1. Houston-free beer saturday-beach

    Texas Forum
    Boys n Girls in Houston. Im new but im going to Freeport-Bryan Beach this Saturday around 10:30-11 let me know if you want to join those that come beer on me!!! Let me know I can set up a meet place/directions and what not!
  2. Mag-Tagged?

    Titan General Discussion
    This may be helpfull for some, especially the CO folk. Mag-Tagged = Mag Chloride which is used to prevent water from freezing up on the road ways. They spray this down (it's a liquid) onto the roads durring snow storms, instead of road salt. Unfortantly when you get it on your car, it will...
  3. Is there more than one type of engine?

    Titan General Discussion
    What is the endurance engine, and is it in all titans or just some?
  4. Carl Renezeders 715-horsepower 4-wheel race truck.

    Titan General Discussion
    I bailed on TT but I forgot how much I love this place when I came back today. :rofl: Well my new first post is about a Titan at-least. :bangit: 2007 Nissan Titan Off Road Race Truck Car Review and Specs | 2007 Nissan Titan Off Road Race Truck Car Wallpaper Pictures Pics