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  1. Titan General Discussion Is there a thread you DON'T post in??? Or something you DON'T have a comment for??? Christ!! And do you even own a titan anymore???
  2. Titan General Discussion
    I am going to sell my '05 F-150 5.4 before I get into many problems (plugs, injectors, etc..) I am looking for a used Titan 2X4 Crew Cab any year. Is there anything I should look out for ? Thanks
  3. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Not really. On this Board anything over 8500k is deamed to be Gay by many. Well these are 12k and I like them alot. I am from South Florida and I down there BLUE+ HIDs are very common. I love the color of these and an SUPER happy so.....
  4. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Rant: This morning my truck lights christmas treed, slip and abs as usual, brake and 4wd flashed, then tranny thunk followed by a new one... spedo dropped to 0 then back up to 20. I decided I needed to take it into the dealer ASAP so since it was early 0700 I would stop in before work. Long...
1-4 of 4 Results