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adam has small tires

  1. I'm stuck at a cross roads

    Titan General Discussion
    I'm a jeep guy about to switch over to a truck again i used to own a tacoma double cab which was nice but since i was getting out of the USMC i decided to get another vehicle lower payment kinda of thing now that i'm solid with financial security i want to go full truck and i'm stuck between a...
  2. I just can't seem to win..

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Okay Maybe someone could help me out. Today it was near 80 degrees (beautiful day!) and I drove roughly 100 miles with my normal driving style (kinda heavy on the gas). And I've been driving around sense filling up with coolant for a week or so now. If anyone knows if this is the cause for my...
  3. What psi to fill 35" nitto mud grapplers

    Titan General Discussion
    Anybody know what psi to fill up 35" nitto mud grapplers? Im not satisfied with my 11