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adam has small tires

  1. I'm stuck at a cross roads

    Titan General Discussion
    I'm a jeep guy about to switch over to a truck again i used to own a tacoma double cab which was nice but since i was getting out of the USMC i decided to get another vehicle lower payment kinda of thing now that i'm solid with financial security i want to go full truck and i'm stuck between a...
  2. I just can't seem to win..

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Okay Maybe someone could help me out. Today it was near 80 degrees (beautiful day!) and I drove roughly 100 miles with my normal driving style (kinda heavy on the gas). And I've been driving around sense filling up with coolant for a week or so now. If anyone knows if this is the cause for my...
  3. Tried to buy a preowned car at a dealer today...

    Off-Topic Discussion
    They offered me $3k less than wholesale for the Titan, which I expected. What I didn't expect was they wouldn't budge at all from their asking price for the car, which was $500 OVER Kelley retail.:huh: WTF?? Every other time I've bought a vehicle, they lowball you on the trade and offer a high...
  4. What psi to fill 35" nitto mud grapplers

    Titan General Discussion
    Anybody know what psi to fill up 35" nitto mud grapplers? Im not satisfied with my 11