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  1. Wal-Mart Funnies

    Off-Topic Discussion
    So a buddy of mine had a B-Day this weekend so the four of us (me + wife/him + wife) went out to Fatz to grab a bite to eat. The women wanted to go look at some clothes and needed to make a wally world run so we took one of the cars and went on to Wal-Mart. We were walking around just...
  2. Pinks Second Chance Qualifying Results

    Titan Performance Modifications
    As most know I've had an issue with my tranny not liking WOT so my times will reflect that. I did some things to baby it big time. My last time out were: 60' 2.150 330 6.081 1/8 9.384 @ 74.24 1000 12.254 1/4 14.66 @ 93.36 FST weight was 5310lbs Here is the truck The truck weight The rear...