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adamdude is on ignore

  1. Do you use your Ignore Feature, and how many people are on it?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I use mine, and have about 10 people on it. I'm sure, I've made it onto some people's lists!!! :rofl: It can be a handy feature when you get sick of people posting stupid stuff. Next!
  2. Best Nissan Commercial Ever?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    YouTube - Car Ad with Andy Richter & James Adomian Yeah, it probably is.
  3. Armada Windshield in a Titan

    Titan General Discussion
    I am fixing to have to change out the windshield in my truck and was wanting to put in the Armada glass. Has anyone done this yet? If so let me know what needs to be done before hand for the antenna. If i need to go get a new harness or if i need to pull the radio and do anything behind the dash...
  4. Victoria Secrets

    Off-Topic Discussion
    How many of you guys get the VS catalogue in the mail? Are you a single guy like me who gets them? I got a VS credit card about 3 years ago, and ofcourse got the catalouge to go with it. Broke up with that girl a long time ago, but still have the pleasure to get this wonderful bundle of paper...
  5. Stolen Titans on CL now?

    Titan General Discussion
    WOW '05 Nissan Titan 4WD SE Denver really does have awesome deals! $9,988 for an Armada SE and this Titan for a GREAT PRICE! LOL :ftard: