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  1. 2013 Titan aftermarket questions?

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I have a 2013 Titan and I was thinking about upgrading the exhaust from my old cracked manifold to a set of headers and a bully dog tuner or up rev....does anyone know f thier is any any bolt on headers that would be an easy install with minimal modification or the difference between an uprev...
  2. Now Available For The Titan XD 50 Gallon Titan Fuel Tanks Mid-Ship Extra HD Fuel Tank

    Vendor Deals
    Are you a road warrior, a weekend traveler or just an around town guy just looking to go farther, longer than your existing stock fuel tank will carry you? New from Titan Fuel Tanks, a leader in the afermarket fuel tank business, is a 50 gallon, extra heavy duty mid-ship fuel tank. It is...
  3. Help wanted need rear door panels good stuff for sale!

    i was going to build pods for my doors and i ended up wanting to sell my truck so i need some rear door panels for an 06 titan. so if any has a salvaged titan or something like that then let me know. also my whole interior is painted black all the dash pieces want to know if someone wanted to...
  4. EBC or Stillen Brakes

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Just got finished fighting with my dealership. Have on record all the times I took my '04 Titan in for brakes and they said the only fix for it at the time was the new pads, and now that I am past my 36month warranty period, I would have to pay for "the fix". Done with them. thinking about...