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  1. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Hey Everyone, Wondering if someone could help me with my current air bag light problem on my 2018. Over the winter I found rodents living in my truck and as a result the air bag light has come on. I was able to purchase a scanner and identify a communication issue with the front crash sensor...
  2. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I have a 2011 Nissan Titan PRO-4X with ~150k miles. Lately I've been having lots of problems. I've had an airbag light on for a while, and the lights on the steering wheel were starting to stay on less and less. I did some research and it suggested the clock spring had failed. A few months...
  3. 2016+ Titan General Forum
    I recently have been having the seat belt light on constantly unless the passenger seat belt is clicked in. I was able to change the seat belt receptacle by the center console. It fixed the seat belt light on the dash, but not the airbag light is flashing. I tried the typical reset function and...
  4. Titan Parts & Accessories
    So I'm in the pursuit for an OEM replacement Clock Spring for my 2010 Nissan Titan Pro-4x. After searching a bit, It appears there's multiple part numbers that may work for me, but I haven't been able to make enough confirmation to pull the trigger. ZH38A-25560-R0NAA is whats on the label on...
  5. Electrical & Wiring
    Just purchased a Nissan Titan and we are having a warning light issue for the supplemental airbag. Any advice on how to reset it.
  6. Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Well it turns out my 2004 KC Titans rear speakers aren't working. I bought this truck used about a month ago, and didn't even notice it for about a week. Not only this, but I figured out that everytime I open the rear passenger door to buckle my sons booster seat in the passenger airbag light...
1-6 of 6 Results