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  1. Engine / Mudding Help Question

    Titan General Discussion
    I like to go mudding but last week my alternator went out due to the water. The tow truck driver was telling me about a part that acts as a splash guard for the motor. Does any one know of such a thing and where i could find one?
  2. Alternator Help

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have an 06 LE Titan. I use to have an alright sized system, just the basic 2 12's, then got bored and sold it. Well, I just purchased 2 L7 15s, and 2 audiopipe ap15001d amplifiers, along with a box to house both of em, with more feet of 0 gauge wire then I care to admit to buying. Im...
  3. Getting better MPG!

    Titan General Discussion
    Well I'll be the first to admit this is a pretty worthless thread for most, but it may help someone out in the future. I filled the truck up today and I averaged out 14mpg. Before my alternator was going out. Sometimes it'd whine like a supercharger (sounded REALLY COOL!) but clearly it was...