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  1. Got this in an email today

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I have not done a snopes check, nor will I, so have at it. If nothing else, it's interesting. YouTube - OBAMA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS
  2. Black Titan vs. White Titan

    War Stories
    Was at a light with the Black beast and a White Titan pulled besides me reving his engine. I looked at the traffic light to the left of me and saw them turning yellow, and I just took off leaving the white Titan in the dust. At the next light the white Titan pulls next to me shaking his head...
  3. Post your Halloween Pictures

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Mined would be up in just a min:hi:
  4. why titans suck...

    Titan General Discussion
    I just bought a titan recently and i have had nothing but problems. I wish I would have bought an american made chevy and saved myself the humility of being a big douschebag like the rest of you. My truck is less than a year old and falling apart and I'm on the side of the road and look over and...