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  1. You laugh you lose

    Off-Topic Discussion
    See title: YouTube - The Invisible Curb
  2. Proper Rental Car Operation

    Off-Topic Discussion
    now THIS is how you're supposed to drive a rental......:D YouTube - Muddin with Enterprise
  3. Easy way to break into a titan....

    Titan General Discussion
    So the other day I locked my keys in the truck. My friend suggested that I try to use the back sliding window to get in. I never thought it would work because it looks like such a small hole. Sure enough he was right. I slid the back window open (even though it was closed to start off with) and...
  4. My list of problems with the Titan

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    First is the radiator cap hose. A very small leak, but a problem to look after. I took off the cap, removed the hose, inspected it, cleaned it off with a towel and inspected it again. Looks like coolant is just coming up between the radiator nipple and hoes, and comes out from the end of the...