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asshat magnet thread

  1. My truck is NOT for sale! Spam Alert!

    Whoa, some a$$munch decided to use a picture of my T on craigslist to advertise an obviously fake truck...I reported it but I'm sure little will be done, here's the link pass it on for people who may be interested so we can prevent this dude/gal from getting away with fraud... 2007 NISSAN TITAN...
  2. the bank came to my house looking for me...

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    so the other day i was getting ready to go to school to get me some statistics tutoring when there's a knock at our door. my dad calls me down and he (semi-jokingly) tells me they're repo-ing my truck!!!! :huh: :confused: :huh: wtf!?!? the guy at the door representing the bank who financed my...
  3. Turned key while engine was on

    Titan General Discussion
    Ugh as the title states... How durable is the titans flywheel and starter? Can once just for a sec do damage?
  4. Why not to buy a 2wd.

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I've been threw this little puddle a thousand time's and never got close to stuck, till today. I got to confident and went real slow into it and hit the deep spot and practically stopped and floored it, Bad idea! This is at the back of my property. Before any one say's anythang yes the truck was...