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    forwarded to me by a friend..... Connecting to server... You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: shiiiiat You: Hi Stranger: hi You: sup Stranger: nuthin You: how are you? Stranger: i twisted Stranger: im You: ic You: you m or female? Stranger: im a lady boy You:
  2. Going to race Monday

    War Stories
    Who do you think will win, 04 Titan non-Big Tow. 2* timing advance. Or 02 Altima 3.5 SE
  3. Stolen Titans on CL now?

    Titan General Discussion
    WOW '05 Nissan Titan 4WD SE Denver really does have awesome deals! $9,988 for an Armada SE and this Titan for a GREAT PRICE! LOL :ftard:
  4. Titan Window Feature

    Titan General Discussion
    this thread probably wont probably make it very far, but i know for some Titans with the keyless entry, when you press and hold the Unlock button (for about 4-5 seconds) the 2 front windows automatically roll down. I test drove a 370Z (bad a$$ car btw - 7 speed automatic with paddle shifters)...
  5. Nothing like a hot ulgy chick!

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    So the cool thing is, I don't work. The crappy part is I have too much free time! I'm watching tv more than ever..and holy crap, there is nothing but simply crap on tv!! I'm watching MTV Made..this geeky stuck in the 50's kid wants to be turned into a ladies man/hip hop dancer! And he's got a...
  6. Obama Day One

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    What an a$$hole... he's already ruining our country. /sarcasm.
  7. " Dear Ally" Attn: Allybabe_18

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    Dear Ally, Given the mostly male membership here in our little piece of the planet we call Titantalk, it occurs to me that there is a need for an ombudsperson to represent the female perspective on things. To give the Venus side of things to those of us who live on Mars. I think Ally would be...
  8. A word on the MILF thread

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    ok you guys had your fun ruining my thread. I actually had this coming for quite some time. i know i've talked a lot of sh!t to a lot of you guys, and turns out bbomar, blackbeauty and albonismo hate me with a passion! haha! while i did get a laugh out of it, it grossed me out towards the end...
  9. Being thanked..

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    Dont you guys hate when your thanked, but dont remember what you said that you wouldve been thanked for?, I think we need a feature where we click to see who thanked us for what text, anyone else think so?