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  1. What is this bad boy worth?

    Titan General Discussion
    You guys probably know my truck... 2008.5 SE with 22k miles. 6 inch procomp lift, xd revolvers, intake, exhaust, tuner, had the bumpers and grill line-xd. All the small stuff (excluding the lift, mod list in sig too) that in my mind will set it apart from most other T's for sale in the general...
  2. Chevy Colorado 5.3L V-8?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Has anybody else noticed that? I just found it out. What are yall's opinion on that truck and motor combo? I thank it is good because to me that is a beautiful truck, Plus there 5 cylinder was a fast as hell for what it is and if you put a 5.3L V-8 in it it should be alot faster. If I was...
  3. My sexy lil strap..

    Titan General Discussion
    what do ya'll think??
  4. It finally died.

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I went out to ride the woods with my dad last night while my mom and brother went to the fair, We got home everything is great. My dad goes to bed and about 5 minutes later I hear my brother scream WTF! So I run in there and he tells me my mom's dogs spilled a glass of Dr.Pepper on our X-Box...
  5. How many text messages do you send in a billing cycle?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I just got my bill and i have done 5775 texts in a month. thats both sending and receiving. WTF i need to get a life. I will admit its easier then calling people all the time. Thank God i have unlimited media.
  6. New car..........

    Off-Topic Discussion
    ladies and gentlemen, enemies, democrats, and fellow Titan colleauges..... to be serious for one post (hopefully others too)... just wanted to know what type of response i'd get for the following. I'm thinking of a new car. yes, my Titan is new (2008.5) and still owe about 25k on it, but, my...