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  1. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have an 08 LE and wanting to upgrade the factory radio and do without the top dash NAV and just have NAV on the new HU and use the top dash space for something else... I’ve never done a system with a factory amp, any help would be appreciated... How would I go about upgrading the system...
  2. Titan Parts & Accessories
    I am missing the gold-ish tan-colored plastic piece that fits over the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel as shown by the red arrow. I understand that some of these vary with year, design, options, etc. but the one pictured is exactly what I need. Anyone know of a parts place or...
  3. Buy/Sell
    F/S Nissan Titan steering wheel controls for Radio & Cruise Control. Nissan Part Number: 25552-8S21A. Their new & unused. I bought them & before I installed 'em I decided to order the back lit version. I paid $102.00 + shipping. Spring cleaning the garage, so I'm asking $80 + shipping...
  4. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Has anyone added audio controls to their steering wheel? I have a '09 SE and it didn't come with this option. Unfortunately, I had them on my last truck and I don't know if I can live without them now. I want OEM controls not aftermarket. Any help?
1-4 of 4 Results