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  1. BANKS Monster CatBack Systems from!!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Total Auto Performance - Las Vegas, NV 702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166 We have received a few request for the might Banks' Monster Cat-back System so we have listed them on and stocked up! Banks’ 3” all-stainless-steel, mandrel-bent Monster exhaust system bolts behind the...
  2. WTB: Banks monster exhaust

    New or used. Just looking for a bargain.
  3. CAI, Exhaust, & Chip - Xtreme Package from

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm planning on installing the Banks Exhaust system and I came across this package deal from that gives you the Banks Exhaust, Injen CAI, and Stillen performance programmer. It says all-in-all you will add about 90-95hp from stock. I read on the forums that the Injen...
  4. Wtb banks!!!

    I have been dying for a Banks Monster exhaust for my truck. I love them. Every Banks for sale on here is in SoCal and is pick up only. Anyone want to sell and ship me one?
  5. Hypertech E-Con bad experience

    Titan General Discussion
    Hi Guys. I've recently installed the Hypertech E-Con (economy tuner) in my 2005 Titan and experienced a DROP in fuel economy. First, let me go on record as saying that, in an attempt to squeeze every drop of fuel, I have been driving like a little old lady for several months now. I...