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  1. What years models beds fit a 2011?

    Nissan TitanTalk Ride Of The Month
    I have an opportunity to buy an older model (2005) and need to know if it's even a possibility to use it. Or if any parts can be used.
  2. Titan BED TENT! OEM for 2004-10 Kingcab (photos)

    F/S Titan BED TENT! OEM for 2004-10 Kingcab (photos) Part Brand: Genuine Nissan Part Manufacturer Part Number: 999T7-WQ400 (FOR KINGCAB) Color: Blue Converts your Titan bed into a tent. Dome shape with rain fly. Easy installation, compact storage. Original Retail $200 NEW! never out of...
  3. FS - Set of 17" Offroad Alloy Wheels & Nissan Bed Extender

    Sold the Titan and am left with a couple items taking up room in the garage: - 4ea. 17" Offroad Titan Wheels, no tires - $100 for the set - Nissan branded Bed Extender (standard one that comes with the truck, not aftermarket) - $100 I'm located in Houston on the west side if interested...
  4. Sliding bed extender mounts

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    I am trying to find the mounts for the bed extender to go in the utili-track system. Hopefully the sliding mount is out there somewhere. Anyone know a site that sells these parts? Ive searched all morning and cant seem to locate a legit part...
  5. Cargo / bed lighting issue

    Titan General Discussion
    Have a brand new 2008.5 Titan Se. The cargo & tailgate lights stay on for quite some time after shut down. Not sure why. Cargo light switch is in off position. Any insight, anyone? Thx - Sam :eyebrow::eyebrow: