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blacked out

  1. Trade.

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Anyone wanna trade their black door handles, mirror covers, or grills for stock 2005 chrome ones?
  2. Where can I find Black Door Handles for my 05 Crew Cab Titan?

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey I have a 2005 Titan Crew Cab and I am looking for black door handles and I can't seem to find them. Do I need to get them sandblasted and painted?
  3. Blacked out lights??

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have Maroon titan, and I am looking to tint the head lights and black out the tail lights...what is the best way to do this? I've gotten a few differant suggestions from just using the spray to buying the already tinted lights...Anyone have any suggestions?"idhitit2:
  4. Doesnt get any more Murdered out than this :)

    Titan Performance Modifications
    i finished up murdering out my truck, and finishing up the system a lil while ago but i just havent had time to show everyone. but now that i got a chance ill post up some pictures! check it out and let me know wat u guys think!