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  1. Titan Suspension
    I have an 07 Titan CC with a 1.5" leveling kit. I want to increase the lift of my rear a little because I always seem to be loaded with something and I dont like the rear looking like it is squatting. My question is what are your opinions on what size block I should run in the back, a 1" or...
  2. Titan Suspension
    im new to the site ive done a little researching but what im wondering is i have a 2wd titan and i have the pro comp 6 inch stage 1 what i wanna do is add the 2inch or 2.5 spacer on top of the lift and also take out the 3 inch block in the rear and add the fabtech 4 inch block am i going to have...
1-2 of 2 Results