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  1. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    So whenever I am in traffic or a drive thru I tend to hear a screeching sound coming from my front tires. I also can feel my brakes not as grippy anymore. I definitely know I need new brakes but I was wondering if it could be my rotors. This only happens when I'm in drive and I'm going like 5...
  2. Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Just wanted to introduce ourselves here on the forum and announce that we are officially a vendor on Titantalk! We are an aftermarket performance brake rotor company that specialize in brakes. Feel free to ask any questions. We're glad to be on here! Here's a link to our group buy thread...
  3. Titan Parts & Accessories
    So here's the deal, Ive got an 06 titan se with tow pkg. and my pads are gone, instead of just getting new pads i was going to upgrade my rotors and pads to something better. my question is what do you guys think about the ebc ultimax blackdash rotors for the front and rear? also, what kind of...
1-3 of 11 Results