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  1. F/S: Superchips Cortex - $285

    Purchased in August 2009. Comes w/ everything you get when you buy it new. Best bang for your buck performance upgrade. In Los Angeles. $285 shipped to the lower 48.
  2. Uprev, Bullydog, or Superchips?

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I am considering getting a tuner for my truck, mine is an 04, so it looks like Bullydog is out of the question for me. What is everyone's opinion on these? Thanks in advance :hi:
  3. Quick Bullydog and exhaust question

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I apologize if this has been covered in previous threads, but I've searched a few of 'em and haven't gotten a clear answer. If I decide to go with a Bullydog chip (2008.5 Titan) or any chip really, will there be a large possibility of damage to the tranny? I'm not quite sure about the ability...