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  1. Uprev in Socal

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Ive been curious if anyone in california has their T uprev tuned. I have a way of getting a tuning kit but im not sure if Uprev would actually help me out once they see a california area code. The struggles of living in CA.
  2. Torn Cats, 2005 Titan. Need CA Legal

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, just moved here from TX. Got my smog checked, passed with flying colors. The guy said my cats both have tears in them. I know thats typical for the 04, 05 Titans. He said i don't NEED new ones yet because i still pass inspection. However it is really annoying and sounds worse and worse...
  3. New to Titan talk - Southern CA

    Titan General Discussion
    Hey guys, finally got back into the whole forum thing. Just moved to CA from Texas. I have some stuff I need some info on and i figured this would be the best place. Thanks guys! :hat: