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  1. Buy/Sell
    Memphis PRXA1000.1 Power Reference Series amplifier. 2 10" Memphis Audio BRX1044 subs. Fox acoustics box. Sounded awesome in my titan. Everything in awesome condition and works perfectly.
    $700 USD
  2. Electronics
    The old Rockford system (I had an '07) was made by Clarion and the head unit was actually pretty good; the amp and speakers were just OK. It was possible to use the line level outputs from the head unit before they went to the amp to feed aftermarket amps/speakers. Does anyone know if this is...
  3. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I'm running stock HU but installed after market tweeters and speakers and added in an all in one subwoofer. When I turn the volume up above about 24, the sound cuts out. HU still displays all controls and seems to be working as it should but sound is gone. I can turn the truck off and back on...
  4. Electronics
    I have a 2019 pro-4x with the fender audio system. I’m wondering how I could hook a Kicker bass station (all in one powered sub) to my stock sub/amp. I know the sub is under the passenger front seat with 4 wires running into it but I do not know what wires are what and exactly what to splice...
  5. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have an 08 LE and wanting to upgrade the factory radio and do without the top dash NAV and just have NAV on the new HU and use the top dash space for something else... I’ve never done a system with a factory amp, any help would be appreciated... How would I go about upgrading the system...
  6. Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Are there any active noise canceling applications for autos? A friend of mine flew us on vacation in his King Air. It was equipped with active noise canceling so you did not hear the engines and made for a very quiet ride.
1-6 of 6 Results