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  1. Metal Mulisha catback problem

    Titan General Discussion
    So I recently installed a MM catback and it met my expectations, T is LOUD and sounding great. Unfortunately while at I was at work someone got bold and must’ve tried taking my exhaust tip (thankfully I had it welded on) and unhooked the exhaust from the rubber grommets. I had to readjust the...
  2. BANKS Monster CatBack Systems from!!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Total Auto Performance - Las Vegas, NV 702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166 We have received a few request for the might Banks' Monster Cat-back System so we have listed them on and stocked up! Banks’ 3” all-stainless-steel, mandrel-bent Monster exhaust system bolts behind the...
  3. Fs nismo exhaust

    Brand new never used nismo exhaust system for sale $600.00