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  1. Titan Performance Modifications
    i have an 07 titan, if i remove the secondary cats will the check engine light come on? will i lose or gain horsepower or will it just be louder? True Dual, ive read on here you will lose HP do to the backpressure, so some have said get a muffler with dual in dual out<will that add any more...
  2. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, just moved here from TX. Got my smog checked, passed with flying colors. The guy said my cats both have tears in them. I know thats typical for the 04, 05 Titans. He said i don't NEED new ones yet because i still pass inspection. However it is really annoying and sounds worse and worse...
  3. Titan Performance Modifications
    Ok, you spintech guys, I am sold. I just shot an email to spintech and have not heard back yet, but am all set up on this end to do a 2.25 dual custom exhaust with x-pipe and secondary cats removed. Now I am afraid the Super Pro's will be too loud or the Pro Streets won't be loud enough. So...
1-3 of 3 Results