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  1. Blackbeauty's Transformation has BEGUN!!!

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    The Immaculate Transformation has begun..... Without further ado: Pulled into tech12volts' place.... Started the interior teardown.... Front seats... rear seats... seatbelt attachments... rear trim... rear cover panel...
  2. Anyone who works for or owns a truck shop...

    Titan General Discussion
    if you own or work for a truck shop, please PM your shops contact info and email address... I appreciate it... thanks
  3. police chase in Houston

    Off-Topic Discussion
    why?? why do people run?? YouTube - Cops Beating the **** Out of Car Chase Driver i live on socal and i have NEVER seen someone pit maneuver a COP!! (1:45) we had like 5 chases just last week :bangit:
  4. Profile views and how the he!!............

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I have been on here for just over a year and my profile has been viewed over 1300 times and others are only like 300 and some over 500. Just noticed that and started looking around at others. LOL this thread is pointless LOL!
  5. Update on Buddy!, New pics of his Totalled Truck.

    Off-Topic Discussion
    So, I talked to my friend this weekend, that had the major wreck that I had posted about. His surgeries went well, and he got to come home. He had reconstructive surgery on his pelvis, and will be laid up for a goood while due to his broken ribs, punctured lungs, and all of that. I got to sit...
  6. Oregon Introduces Bill to Prohibit Sale of Aftermarket Parts

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I was surfing the web when I ran into this article... SEMA SAN - SEMA ACTION NETWORK _________________________________________________________________________________________ URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT Oregon Introduces Bill to Prohibit Sale of Aftermarket Parts At the request of Governor...
  7. Knife pulled on me. But its my fault

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I cant stop shaking. I went the Weinerschzitzel to get a burger. I went through the drive-thru. The car in front of me pulled out but abruptly stopped. I was checking the roof clearance since its 6 and a half or 7 feet and I wasn't sure if the truck would fit. As I was doing that, I hit the car...
  8. Sheriff Joe - He's awesome!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I Really like the part about the animal shelter. And the farm land with the Christmas Trees. But more so the animal shelter. That to me is just simply amazing. And it's for a good cause. All the money they save can be used to make a multi level facility to house a couple hundred more cats and...
  9. Anaheim Ducks Hockey

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Thought I would share some pictures with everyone of my first exhilarating hockey experience! :teethmast I went to the Ducks vs. Flames game at the Honda Center in Anaheim yesterday night. Watching a hockey game at the arena was so much fun. Our home town Ducks won the game 3-2 over the Flames...
  10. Cb?

    Alright, I need a CB within the next few month's. I was wondering if any-one knows where I can get a good CB that has hi's and low's and is strong. I don't need a linear but if it comes with one than that's fine. I was looking at this one but I'm not sure. Connex Radio 3300HP Rebel - CB Radios...
  11. OLD TOWN VII... Largest meet in the country!!!

    Florida Forum
    Its that time again! We took a break with the last Old Town Meet (Old Town VI) and had a lay back and hang out kind of time but its time to bring the Old Town meet back in FULL FORCE with OLD TOWN VII.... We will have a thread coming soon for the Dyno PrePay, we will have the trophys back...