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  1. 2008.5 crewcab fwd o/h console

    Brand new member here and first time I've ever joined a thread: Does anyone have or know of someone selling a tan overhead console? I have a sunroof thus need the smaller one. Bought this truck with it broken. Do you guys know if a cold air intake and high-flow exhaust make a positive...
  2. WTB: DVD Center Console Insert

    If anyone has one available, I'm looking to buy the center console insert with the hole for the DVD player. Also looking for the mounting brackets. I have ordered both the insert and the brackets through my local dealer, however they have been on backorder for 4 weeks now. Thanks, Brad
  3. Overhead dvd console replacement

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I am looking for the console for the overhead dvd compartment for a titan from 04+. does anyone have any leads. I tried the dealerships and have had no luck. Pick and pulls also. Thanks
  4. Center Console Lights NOT Working

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    My center console lights just up and quit on me. I didn't really notice when it happened because it's only started to get dark earlier up here. The lights that aren't working are the stereo nobs and buttons, the HVAC system and the gears. The stereo display still works as does the light stating...