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country boy loves sheep

  1. Look at what happened to me the other day! You gotta see this

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    54" tires. Bags weren't even filled up. Owner said that it can go an extra 8-10 inches higher. Thing was a monster
  2. Another gun poll

    Off-Topic Discussion International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News Scroll down a little, and it is on the right side. We are way behind right now.
  3. Look what rolled into town today.

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    Normally I hate yellow thang's but these are sweet! These brings a new meaning to Pavement Princess/ Street Queen.
  4. School bus driver beating

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    I must warn tis video is disturbing and contains vulgar lauguage. I cannot imagine what this world is coming to after watching this! Kalamazoo school bus beating (sound fixed) Video -
  5. This is the most irresponsible thang I have ever seen.

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    This fella doesn't deserve to own or operate a gun. YouTube - Burning AK47 - 300 Rounds & on Fire
  6. Go chivas!!

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    Guess who's back representing the chivas!!! Try and stop me mods.... You cant putos!! -military dave!