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country boy rapes goats

  1. 100% bad a$$

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    YouTube - Ricky RNYC 2
  2. How safe is it?

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    As some of you know my dad and I wrecked his truck a few month's back, Well were buying my aunt's truck when she gets it payed off. We have no need for a tool-box in our old truck(We gave it to my mom) And we wanted to put it in our new truck. It's about a inch from fitting, well we took it to a...
  3. 80g black apple ipod!!!

    brandnew 80g video apple ipod!!! uploaded songs and listened to it once!!! no need for it! shoot me and im offer willing to ship! cost 250+ new depending on where you get it
  4. Problem RANT on TITANS

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    I think i've posted MORE problem posts i.e. warranty quality/issues, than i've posted that i'm happy with my TITAN. Ever feel this way about your truck?? :explode: