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  1. New Guy Here

    Titan General Discussion
    Just wanted to say hello to every body. I'm a brand new owner of a 04 Titan XE with 38,000 miles. I've had it a couple of weeks and enjoy it more and more every day. I've read alot of the threads and am planning to steal some of your ideas.
  2. Don't some-one on here on this T?

    Titan General Discussion
    Cars For Sale: Car Details -
  3. Oh. The humanity

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I had to take an unscheduled road trip in the regular car. On the return trip, I passed this: I snapped it using my camera phone. 2 miles or so up the road, I have to pass another Titan. That's cool. While waiting for traffic to move so I could pass, a goat pops up in the truck bed. I thought...
  4. Carl Renezeders 715-horsepower 4-wheel race truck.

    Titan General Discussion
    I bailed on TT but I forgot how much I love this place when I came back today. :rofl: Well my new first post is about a Titan at-least. :bangit: 2007 Nissan Titan Off Road Race Truck Car Review and Specs | 2007 Nissan Titan Off Road Race Truck Car Wallpaper Pictures Pics
  5. Few pics: before and after mud

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    Just a few pics of my Titan, before and after I found some mud to play in. I've only had the truck about a month and so far I love it. It's all stock. Only thing I've done to it so far is add a 10" sub under the back seat and tint the third brake light.
  6. Nissan Titan Traction Control Test.

    Titan General Discussion
    YouTube - Nissan Titan Traction Control Test
  7. Chevy getting tortured!!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    YouTube - muddin in needville part 2 I didn't think a Chevy could handle this
  8. Anyone who works for or owns a truck shop...

    Titan General Discussion
    if you own or work for a truck shop, please PM your shops contact info and email address... I appreciate it... thanks
  9. Instant Video Racing

    Hey yall, Well yall probably dont know but I work for a company called Trivinci Systems in Sterling Va, We have systems Called RK9's which are used in Driving Schools such as Richard Petty Driving Experience, Porsche, Palmer Sport Great Brittan, BMW, Fast Track and many more. Well our new...
  10. Fs: Black big tow mirror covers: Free shipping

    Black big tow mirror covers with free shipping $45 EXCELLENT condition.
  11. Titan v. BMW 3.25

    War Stories
    My girlfriend's parents bought her a 1993 BMW 3.25 is, 5 speed, for her 16th birthday... She was all the time telling my how she could kick my ***, so after a few months of taking crap, I challenged her to a race. One of my guy friends drove her BMW, he was an experienced racer that is great at...
  12. Wtf!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    How come when the Ford and the Dodge was about to pull out of the ditch they slammed on the brake's and started spinning again? :huh: LMAO!!!! This is 100% set up! YouTube - Silverado with Locking Differential (G80)
  13. Sheriff Joe - He's awesome!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I Really like the part about the animal shelter. And the farm land with the Christmas Trees. But more so the animal shelter. That to me is just simply amazing. And it's for a good cause. All the money they save can be used to make a multi level facility to house a couple hundred more cats and...
  14. Took an adventure today

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Nothing special.. I thought I'd share. I got a new camera yesturday and I finally got a reason to snap a few pictures!! I took a lil drive about a mile up the trail for the M&G Feb. 21st for us Denver guys...
  15. Titan on 41's

    Titan General Discussion
    Check out this sick Off Road Titan. It has 13 inches of lift and is sitting on 41 inch Irok's.
  16. I am at work, and the wife had to use my truck

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    She had to show a property to some clients, and almost got stuck. Here are the pics she sent me.
  17. A word on the MILF thread

    Off-Topic Discussion
    ok you guys had your fun ruining my thread. I actually had this coming for quite some time. i know i've talked a lot of sh!t to a lot of you guys, and turns out bbomar, blackbeauty and albonismo hate me with a passion! haha! while i did get a laugh out of it, it grossed me out towards the end...