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countryboy loves sheep

  1. When sheeple attack, lol.

    Off-Topic Discussion
    It doesn't take much to persuade sheeple to cease and desist, maybe that's why obama got a dog, lol. YouTube - Braveheart Sheep
  2. whitytighty VS. toomnymods..

    War Stories
    Street raced Toomnymods today from a dig and from a 20mph roll... will post up video later. of the 20mph roll who won???!!!!????!!!! :hi:
  3. Problem RANT on TITANS

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    I think i've posted MORE problem posts i.e. warranty quality/issues, than i've posted that i'm happy with my TITAN. Ever feel this way about your truck?? :explode:
  4. Need help with homework

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I'm going to write an English paper, not due anytime soon, but wanted to get started early. I need to pick a topic (preferably current) that I can debate with my reader, reasonably. Can some of you guys throw out some some issues/ideas for me to go on and write about? I can't make up my mind...
  5. Rolled the Titan! ***More pics***

    Titan General Discussion
    Got her up to the body shop today, they said she wouldn't start, but when I got out there she started up first time. Of course with a god awful rattle and grey smoke everywhere, I shut her down right away! I couldn't get a full-on side shot of her, there was another wreck parked next to her...
  6. New Bumper

    Titan General Discussion
    We i finally got my bumper on my truck. My uncle owns Off Road Innovations and this is what he build. I still have to get the spot beam for the center and finish the skip plate, but at least the desert and east El cajon are a bit brighter now!