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cruise control
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  1. Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    My 2018 Titan 4x4, purchased SEP 2018, lags or holds in 4th gear on flat terrain and especially traveling up an incline regardless how shallow of the incline. I have reported to the dealer at each oil change(5K), now 4x. They claim it is norm...maybe for a Titan. I have opportunities to...
  2. Titan General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I’m new to Titantalk and a first time Titan owner. It’s a great ride with plenty of power. I just got my 2007 king cab SE model 4x4 off road. It has 187k on it and I want to run it to 300k. Here’s a list of issues: when I test drove it the 4x4 worked, now the little light in between...
  3. Titan General Discussion
    Can someone tell me which fuse controls the lights for the steering wheel controls??? I have an 04 and have been just dealing with it since I bought it last fall. It's now getting a little annoying since it gets dark at like 5. Anyone help me out??? I opened the fuse panel on the passenger...
  4. Titan Interior Discussion
    Is everyone else's cruise control lights blinding after dark? Mine are so bright that I have to put something over the light so I can drive.
1-4 of 4 Results