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  1. Slade8's titan [email protected] vegas dragstrip

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Hello, I finally got around to uploading my first video's from the new canon powershot to youtube. This was filmed on march 6th,2009 at Midnight mayhem. I was trying to run it as low as possible on fuel since everything else I left stock(spare on, mirrors out etc etc) I even left the girlfriend...
  2. RESONATORS MOUNT UP! See pre-strip upgrades

    Titan Performance Modifications
    So my bday was yesterday so I spent some money I don't have on myself. I'm going to the dragstrip tonight for the second time here in Vegas. Right now it looks like it will be cold and pretty dry. Last time I only got one good run before it started raining. I changed muffler shops and found an...
  3. March 6th las vegas midnight mayhem!

    South Western Forum
    Weather permitting(possible rain) I'm going to the Las Vegas dragstrip this upcoming Friday March 6th for their Midnight Mayhem meet. Its $10 to run all night and try to get there by 6pm or so because the line gets long. Everything starts at 7pm to midnight. Here's a link from the last one...
  4. Do you want to know your est.HP,1/4mile times,mph & MORE?!

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I went to the Las Vegas dragstrip for the first time and got one run in before it started raining(the second doesnt count cuz I spun past the christmas tree:crying:) I ran an et of 15.1 w/mph of 88.9 in street trim(ex:mirrors normal,spare still attached etc.) After doing so I needed to know more...