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dual exhaust

  1. 2005 Titan Magnaflow Part No: 15849 Exhaust FOR SALE $390

    I own a 2005 Titan SE 4x4 Crew Cab shortbed. Current Exhaust: Magnaflow Part No: 15849 Magnaflow 1 in 2 out dual exhaust for $390.00 . Retail for this exhaust is $566.00. Exhaust only has about 15k miles on it. Magnaflow Exhaust System, Dual rear split exit. Magnaflow Stainless Steel Catback...
  2. Gibson Exhaust For Sale

    Dual Extreme Exhaust for sale. Looks and sounds great. Very little to no noise inside of the cabin. Sounds nice and aggresive outside of the truck. Here is a link to the Gibson website to look at reviews and Dynos [U] please paste in to your URl. Only...