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  1. QX56 : Ram 1500 : Titan : Armada : Tundra

    Off-Topic Discussion
    So today after my date, decided to go test drive some trucks!! I'm looking at a new truck so I figured I'd visit all the trucks I like for another trest drive. First was the Ram 1500, the new 09 Models are SWEEET! It's got good power, and you can tell it does, however the response time is...
  2. my chances vs a titan

    War Stories
    i have a 07 xr and a buddy of mine has a titan both are stock just wanted to see what my chances were to give you guys an idea i ran a 14.96 in the 1/4 and its from a dig also
  3. Death wobble?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    My dads 1997 GMC 2wd since we got it made popping noise from the rear end. Well on the way to go fishing the other day from about 45-Till whenever he let off the gas it made this HARD vibration. I looked over at him and he said it had been doing that alot lately, Well it done it again on the...
  4. transmission service

    Titan General Discussion
    My titan is 4 yrs old and has 36000. Every time I go in to get my oil changed the dealer keeps saying that I'm over due on the 30000 service. They want 690.00 which I think is just insane. Now I'm using the schedule 1 on the maintenace guide and it never states when should I change the...
  5. New car..........

    Off-Topic Discussion
    ladies and gentlemen, enemies, democrats, and fellow Titan colleauges..... to be serious for one post (hopefully others too)... just wanted to know what type of response i'd get for the following. I'm thinking of a new car. yes, my Titan is new (2008.5) and still owe about 25k on it, but, my...