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  1. Problems

    Titan General Discussion
    I have an 04 Titan with long travel in the front and a cantilever in the back with a custom Currie 9” rear end. Sense switching the rear end if I try to launch hard or drive aggressively my RPMs begin to bounce and I can’t go over 35mph, other times it seems to lock itself in 3rd gear and will...
  2. STRANDED in MEXICO: Computer / Electrical / Accelerator Prob?

    Titan General Discussion
    I'm stranded in Mexico with my 2005 Titan. While driving up a hill on a Mexican highway, my Titan suddenly lost power. The engine runs, but it does not accelerate or rev up. I had a couple of local mechanics look at it. After suggesting a problem with the fuel pump or transmission, the...
  3. Dual Battery Setup

    Titan General Discussion
    1. Apologies if this isn't in the right area, I didn't see an "electrical" forum and didn't think this belonged with the Stereo/DVD section. Mods, please move if necessary. 2. I also searched pretty good and didn't see this on the site so I thought I'd ask the question. Has any one set up...
  4. Alternator Help

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have an 06 LE Titan. I use to have an alright sized system, just the basic 2 12's, then got bored and sold it. Well, I just purchased 2 L7 15s, and 2 audiopipe ap15001d amplifiers, along with a box to house both of em, with more feet of 0 gauge wire then I care to admit to buying. Im...
  5. Electrical Issues?

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    This morning on my way to work, our 2005 Titan felt like it was going to stall out as I drove it up a little hill in our neighborhood. The lights on the dash started blinking, then lit up steady as I approached a stop sign. I put it in neutral and revved the engine. It seemed fine so I...