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  1. 2016 PR Mess

    Nissan Titan News
    Date of this is 09/04/2019; Mileage is 17,500 miles. Issues with engine in last 2 months. Mostly my truck has been at dealer service center for Turbo Charger replacement and issues following that. Labor day truck lost all acceleration just as I was merging onto busy highway. I was able to...
  2. 2004 Titan leak posterior to oil filter connection

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I am trying to figure out my leak. it is a constant run of oil leaking out. The leak does not seem to be running from above near the head gasket. Oil is clear, no milkiness, no smoke. so I dont think i have a head gasket problem. The oil runs off of the oil filter component. Oil filter seems to...
  3. Engine / Mudding Help Question

    Titan General Discussion
    I like to go mudding but last week my alternator went out due to the water. The tow truck driver was telling me about a part that acts as a splash guard for the motor. Does any one know of such a thing and where i could find one?
  4. WTB VK56 motor (Austin, TX)

    If anyone knows of someone with a VK56 from a titan or armada for sale that is in good condition and is in spec for leakdown/compression, let me know please! -Alex
  5. Nitrous?

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Whats the highest shot of nitrous i can put on a stock engine.
  6. Titan Diesel?

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Hey i was wondering if there were and mods to make a Nissan Titan sound anything like a diesel??? please email me at [email protected]
  7. TB Spacer FS

    Ok I know I havnt done much on here yet but dont bust my [email protected] please...I have a throttle body spacer with hardware and everything that I need to get rid of I paid $80 for it on ebay about a month ago and im wanting to get rid of it cause I just got my Injen Powerflow CAI and it wont fit both so...
  8. engine turns over but doesnt crank

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    I currently have an 05 nissan titan king cab and havent had any trouble with it. My wife has an 05 nissan titan crew cab and until yesterday had no problems. She was driving around and did not notice that it was starting to run hot. When she noticed it, she was almost home. When she turned in...
  9. NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs! $60

    I have two boxes (8 spark plugs) og NGK Laser Platinum Premium spark plugs! Part number is PLFR5A-11 6240 I bought these for $90 from auto zone thinking I would change them myself. I jsut sold my truck and never installed them. They are already guaged perfectly for the titan! Just trying to...
  10. FS: VK56de Heads

    I have a pair of heads removed from a 2004 VK56de Titan, they have 15k miles on them and they were removed from the engine because the block had oil consumption due to the piston rings. Heads are complete and are still on the block, but will be removed for sale. Bare block is also for sale as...
  11. toyota supra parts wanted !

    maybe you dont have these laying around but know someone who does ? I need a 7m-gte engine, with 5 speed tranny, ecu all the wires bolt ons to make the motor run ! I am putting it in my 89 yota pickup If your buddys got a mk3 supra that got rear ended or smashed up or its just all beat up and...