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  1. Diode Dynamics
    Factory fog lights are built to meet minimum output requirements. Every aftermarket design available provides similar lackluster performance, but with an LED. The focus has been on LED appearance, not increased output. There has never been an aftermarket fog light designed from the ground up for...
  2. Appearance & Body
    I see for previous trucks a factory fog light kit could be purchased after the fact. I am unable to locate a kit for my 2021 XD SV. Does anyone know if this exists?
  3. Electronics
    Ok I’m to the point of buying bezel cover and say **** the fog lights. So the dtrl is a PW13 connection. The other is a H11 which will be my fogs for driving lights. Can’t get any power to those plugs. Is there another relay or what. I already changed the mini fuse and the dtrl still works...
  4. Appearance & Body
    I have been looking for LED fog lights, a Bull Bar, and LED light bar for my '19 Titan King Cab. Nothing super fancy, just Black. I am not finding much out there. I wonder if manufacturers are still catching up from COVID. Anyone have any ideas for me?
  5. Electronics
    What is the 2nd plug connection attached to the fog lights? I just put LED in which btw won’t come on. I’m sure the fuse is blown but does anyone know what that plug is or is it even usable
  6. Titan General Discussion
    I just bought a 2018 Titan Crew Cab SV 4x4 a couple weeks ago...pretty base because I figure I can add what I want to it. I'm looking at adding fog lights but my setup has no switch and I don't have the auto headlights. Does anyone have experience installing fog lamps with this setup? Any...
  7. Titan Parts & Accessories
    I am primarly considering going with the Lightforce 170 driving lights for my lower grille. Just wondering if anyone might have pictures of them installed?
  8. Titan Parts & Accessories
    After seeing the problems other members have had with getting the proper turn signal switch when purchasing fog light kits for 08 or newer Titans, I decided to purchase the kit directly from Nissan. After calling a local dealership and being assured they had a kit to match my 09 Titan SE, I...
  9. Titan General Discussion
    Im installing some aftermarket fog lights and need some factory switches such as the cargo lamp swith or the tow mode switch. I have an 07 titan without foglights and i want to keep the inside still looking factory. If anyone has some switches or has done this can you please let me know where...
  10. Buy/Sell
    i have a set of headlights and fog lights with no bulbs and no wiring harness that i am trying to sell. Im asking 200 dollars for them. I am in middletown, virginia. I will ship them to you but you will pay for the shipping.
  11. Titan Parts & Accessories
    Difference between left/right fog lights... I'm new here, so I hope you all don't mind me asking a few questions: If I were to find two used OEM right hand side (i.e. passenger-side) fog lights for real cheap, would I be able to successfully mount and use one on the driver's side and one on...
  12. Titan General Discussion
    I have been considering installing lights on my bull bar. What is the best way to wire them in? I'm not really crazy about putting in a toggle switch.
1-12 of 12 Results